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Solutions is the smart way to keep your options open. And you may be pleasantly surprised by which car you can afford. Our Personal Contract Plan (PCP) allows you to make payments over a period of time, which may be a more flexible alternative to Hire Purchase. We’ll agree a future value on your vehicle up front based on how much you drive meaning you won’t need to worry about the vehicles future value. First you pay a deposit you can choose to put down a small sum initially and then defer a proportion of the vehicle’s value until the end of the agreement, which could reduce your payments. Then you make small fixed monthly payments for 18-48 months at the end of your contract you have 2 options:

Solutions (Personal Contract Plan)

Our popular finance plan delivers the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to keep your options open until the very end of your agreement.

Choose your payment terms from 18 to 48 months and let us know your deposit and estimated annual mileage and we’ll calculate your regular fixed repayment to be paid monthly.

A portion of the car’s value is deferred as an optional final payment until your agreement reaches its conclusion when you have three choices.

Option 1: Part-exchange for a brand-new Audi on a new Solutions Personal Contract Plan agreement.

Option 2: Pay the optional final payment and own the car.

Option 3: Return your Audi, subject to condition and mileage checks.

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Hire Purchase

If you want regular monthly repayments for ease of budgeting and know from the outset that you want to own your car when your agreement ends then Hire Purchase could work perfectly for you.

You’ll pay an initial deposit and choose your preferred repayment period from 12 to 60 months to determine the repayments that fit your budget.

The remaining finance is divided equally into monthly payments over your chosen term. The car belongs to you outright once the final repayment has been made.

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