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UK Van Market Grows For Second Month - Up 5.9% in January


According to the latest figures, the van market in the UK continues to grow for the second month in a row. The numbers show that sales are up 5.9% in January, which reflects that this is becoming a more popular vehicle option among consumers. There have been regulatory changes and compelling deals and new models that have been contributing factors to this upward trend.

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New Volkswagen Caddy Van Confirmed for 2020


Nobody likes to be teased, but that’s exactly what Volkswagen have been doing with the new Caddy. Already a popular model, the Volkswagen Caddy Van 2020 looks set to feature some stylish new upgrades. So, what can you expect from this year’s release? Read some early thoughts ahead of its mid-2020 release.

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Do Volkswagen Make Electric Vans?


Volkswagen has long been an innovator in the motor vehicle market. And with the collapse in the price of battery packs, the automaker can see that the writing is on the wall for electric vehicles: they’re going to happen!

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