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Posted:15 December 2017 | Category: General

Exploring the Key Features of the VW Crafter

The bigger the better! The Volkswagen Crafter's spacious interior

As the largest van on the fleet, the Volkswagen Crafter is more suited towards work use. Being built to maximise space, the crafter has a capacity of 18.4m3 which is more than enough space for any usual job. This feature makes it great for tradesmen who need to transport a significant amount of materials or products. You might think that the size of the cargo has a negative effect on the quality of the interior but it really performs in that area as well, Volkswagen have equipped the Crafter with their highest quality interior to add that extra professional finish to the already fantastic van.

Technological ad-van-tages, the Crafter's Technological System

Volkswagen always go out of their way to implement the best technology in their cars, they don't fall short with their vans either! The Crafter has the same interior technology as models like the Passatt and Golf, giving it that edge on some of it's competitors. This technology includes a wide range of features, such as: a unique electromechanical steering system, adaptive cruise control, lane assist and emergency front-assist. These features help to keep a van of this size safe on the road and also an absolute pleasure to drive!

The Crafter and it's fuel economy

For a big van like the Crafter, you might think the fuel economy is a bit lacklustre. In reality, the Crafter actually has fantastic statistics when it comes to fuel economy. It's engines are from 2.0 TDI units giving it fantastic durability and efficiency. To add to this, the Crafter is equipped with a stop-start system which yields a 15% improvement than it's previous model that went without. The Crafter's 138bhp engine gives you around 38mpg which, for a van this size, is more than reasonable. We can't help but think that a BlueMotion version of this model could pull over 40mpg but we'll have to wait and see whether Volkswagen will look to put this into place over the coming years!

Overall, the Crafter provides exceptional cargo space, unmatched safety features and excellent value for money. If you want to learn more about the Crafter, why not visit our website?