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Posted:25 September 2017 | Category: Aftersales

Key Features of a Volkswagen Van Warranty

At Sinclair VW Vans, we offer excellent warranty options forall our new and used vans. Here’s a breakdown of all the key features you needto know about our Sinclair Volkswagen van warranties.

New VW Van Warranty

At Sinclair Volkswagen, we have a wide range of brand new vans for all your needs, whether it’s a pickup, people carrier, panel, or camper van – we’ve got it! Our new vans not only have amazing features and state-of-the-art technology in them, but the warranties they are accompanied with are a bonus you’ll love.

  • With our new vans, Sinclair provide a 3 year warrantywhich protects your new motor from mechanical and electrical failure.

  • You will automatically receive an unlimited mileage onyour new van for the first 2 years after your purchase.

  • In the third year of your ownership, you’ll get a100,000 mile limit so you can drive and drive and drive!

  • When you buy aCrafter van, you’ll benefit from a 3 year unlimited mileage rating!

If in the meantime you need to get some repairs done to your new van, make sure you use one our Sinclair Centres as unauthorised workshops won’t be covered in your warranty!

Warranties on Used VW Vans

At Sinclair Volkswagen, we have a Das WeltAuto approved used van warranty programme to give you reassurance that you’re covered through rain and sun when you’ve bought a used van from us!

  • No matter the time of day, we’ll give you 24/7roadside assistance by one of our Sinclair Van Centres.

  • When we get called out to give you a helping hand, wewon’t make you pay any excess fee – it’s on us!

  • Should you need any repairs, replacement parts, orplain old labour done on the keep of your new used van, we won’t charge youthrough the roof like some dealerships would! Rest assured, the occurring costof any work done will be to the market value of the vehicle. This includes anywork on complex items like engine, gearbox, steering and suspension!

  • If you used vehicle is older than 3 years old, youwill have at least 6 months of warranty coverage to see you through the coldwinter months.

  • If your van is bought under 2 years old, we’ll honourthe balance of the manufacturer’s warranty until you vehicle reaches 100,000miles!

No matter what age, if you need us to sort your van out, we will – and better than that, we’ll provide a replacement vehicle for both short term repairs and those jobs that take longer than 24hours!

Extended Volkswagen Warranty

Every van purchased from Sinclair Volkswagen has a warranty attached to the purchase, but what do you do when it runs out? Well, with our VW Commercial Vehicle Extended Warranty, you’ll be safeguarded no matter what the future brings, and even if you sell it, your van will still be protected. So know we’ll be there when you need us, whether the van is 3 or 13 years old!

  • When you sign up for our extended warranty, like whenyou pick your insurance, you get to decide what your mileagelimit should be, so your van will suit your lifestyle, not the other way around!

  • You won’t need to fret with this warranty – there isno restriction to the number of claims you can make with us! We are eager tohelp so if you’re accident prone, there’s no need to worry.

  • If you aren’t sure whether to add an extended warrantyat the time of purchase for your van, not to worry because you can add it on upto 5 months after your original registration with us!

Browse our collection of used and new vans or read more about our warranty programmes on the Sinclair Volkswagen Vans website today.