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Posted:30 July 2019 | Category: General,New Model

Price of New VW Transporter Van

Price of New VW Transporter Van

For over 80 years now, Volkswagen has enjoyed a sterling reputation as one of the most reliable brands on the market. With each passing year, the brand incorporates new robust design elements and safety features to ensure a reliable, comfortable and economical driving experience that doesn’t come at the risk of performance. Yet, while this may be true of Volkswagen’s passenger cars, let’s not forget that it’s also true of its vans and commercial vehicles.

Why Choose a VW Transporter?

If you’re looking for a reliable workhorse, you could do much worse than check out this year’s latest VW Transporter vans. Practical, powerful and built with your comfort in mind, the VW Transporter is at home in any commercial operation. Think a transporter is out of your price range? Think again!

Let’s take a look at some of the great Transporter vans on the market right now and their surprisingly competitive price points.

What is the Price of a New VW Transporter Van?

A new Volkswagen Transporter is available from as little as £25,445. This is our featured offer on a T26 SWB 2.0 TDI BMT 84 Startline. Finance options start from £349 per month with £2,500 deposit contribution. At the other end of the pricing spectrum, a T32 LWB 2.0 BiTDI BMT 204 Sportline Kombi Van with DSG gearbox is available from £54,065.

Both of these (and everything in-between) are available on Personal Contract Plans or Contract Hire depending on your needs. We’ll always endeavour to get you the vehicle capability you need at a price you can afford…

T26-32 What do those numbers mean?

At Sinclair Volkswagen Van Centre, we’re often asked what the difference is between the T26, T28, T30 and T32. These numbers pertain to the vehicle’s carrying capacity. The T26 refers to its 2.6 Tonne gross vehicle weight. By the same token, the T28 is a 2.8 Tonne gross vehicle weight and so on. Vehicle payloads range from 749 kilos up to 1,292 kilos, and our Transporter vans come in a range of engines and bhp starting with a 2.0 TDI 84ps and going right up to T32 2.0 Tdi 180ps Sportline.

This means that the Transporter is a model with incredible versatility that you can tailor to the needs of your enterprise.

What is a VW Transporter Kombi?

Sometimes our customers need to carry more than just their payloads and need ample room for other passengers. The Volkswagen Transporter Kombi is perfect for such customers, giving them the added bonus of being able to carry up to 6 passengers including the driver, without impinging on the Transporter’s classic layout. This means that the engine, wheelbase, roof height and bhp are exactly the same as they are in the traditional panel vans.

This is a measure intended to help customers who were previously buying the standard panel vans and converting them into camper vans spending up to £15,000 to get their vehicles retrofitted.

Want to Know More? Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about any of our VW Transporter vans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget!