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Posted:26 March 2020 | Category: General

UK Van Market Grows For Second Month - Up 5.9% in January

VW Van Line up

According to the latest figures, the van market in the UK continues to grow for the second month in a row. The numbers show that sales are up 5.9% in January, which reflects that this is becoming a more popular vehicle option among consumers. There have been regulatory changes and compelling deals and new models that have been contributing factors to this upward trend.

Pickups are showing a decline, while registrations continue to go up for small and mid-sized vans in the UK area. The newest vans are low emission models and have attractive features and elements that buyers want.

Reasons for the Increase

Electric vans and vehicles are in demand, and car manufacturers are responding. The uptick in sales and this type of response from consumers is good news for the industry. There’s been a recent surge in buyers who want Volkswagen Panel Vans and the VW Transporter, in particular, which are critical in addressing climate change and air quality goals. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re roomy and quite stylish for a van.

The transition is happening now, and more and more shoppers want to purchase electric vans that offer environmental benefits as well as a comfortable driving experience. The more consumers that show an interest in electric vans and the more people who actually make a purchase, the more confident manufacturers will become in continuing to produce energy-efficient vehicles in the future.

VW Transporter

If you’re in the market for a new electric van, then you should consider the Volkswagen Transporter. It’s currently one of the most sought after vehicles from the manufacturer. It stands out among the rest because it’s an excellent mid-size option, complete with a refined look, comfort, and new technology. It’s redesigned to look more stylish and includes a new front end with revised LED daytime running lights and a new front bumper and radiator grille combo. For the first time, you’ll now find a new electronic steering system that allows for a variety of advanced safety kit and features. You’ll also discover technology enhancements that are comparable to the brand’s passenger cars. 

Depending on your needs, the Transporter comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including short and long-wheelbase forms with four gross vehicle weights and three roof heights. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have plenty of room to work with and to transport what you need for business purposes.

The VW Transporter is a tough and sturdy workhorse that has a lot to offer anyone behind the wheel. It’s a highly sophisticated product equipped with technology features and comfort levels you can’t find in any other comparable vehicle. All the models meet the Euro 6d emissions standards and obtain their power by the versions of the brand’s venerable 2.0-litre, four-cylinder TDI diesel engine. You’ll feel safe and secure behind the wheel, and it’s clear that this model has stepped it up even further when it comes to safety. It offers a smooth ride, and you’ll hardly notice any bumps or potholes in the road when you come across them as you drive.

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