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Posted:01 May 2019 | Category: General

New Van Sales Hits Record High

New Van Sales Hits Record High

There have been some upsets across all industries in the UK, but the car market has had some ongoing issues for some time now. Despite this, March 2019 has seen the country's new van sales rise to record levels.

According to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the number of new sub-3.5-tonne vans registered in March topped 66,000 - the most ever registered in the UK over the course of a single month. It's also a 10.6-per cent uplift on the number seen in March 2018, when fewer than 60,000 new light vans were registered.

March's Unexpected Growth

Given the Brexit uncertainty, it's surprising that the sales numbers are up rather than down, but much of the growth in March 2019 has come from the class of vans in the 2.5-3.5-tonne range. There have been over 40,000 vans in the same category of weight registered, and this has gone up almost 13% in the year. Registrations have almost climbed for the 2-2.5-tonne group of vans, and as there is a popular market for pick-up trucks, they've topped 11,000 registrations for the month. The news isn't all rosy, though. The smaller vehicles weighing under two tonnes have sales that are down by more than 10%

Popular Models

Large vans are some of the most popular models out there, with the VW Transporter being among those that top the list. The short-term hike in registrations has been because of the new 2019 number plate that's popped up. The long-term growth of the market is very much dependent on the political and economic stability that can help with the confidence for businesses. In the auto industry, March is a busy month - usually the busiest of the year. With the high demand for the 2019 plate despite the fluctuations in the market, buyers are really making the most of the deals that are on offer with places like Sinclair Volkswagen Van Centre. There is an exceptional demand right now for new Volkswagen vans, and it's going to depend on Brexit and economic stability going forward as to how the next year of sales will go.

Vans at Sinclair Group

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