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Posted:15 January 2021 | Category: General,New Model

Volkswagen Caddy MPV Hits Showrooms

two blue caddys parked by water

Hot on the heels ready to take the MPV market by storm is the new Volkswagen Caddy MPV that has the same infotainment system and digital features as the Volkswagen Golf and houses seven seats and it is available to order now in showrooms and dealerships. This vehicle is set to rival Ford and Peugeot with their offerings that is for sure.

What can we expect with trim levels?

There are going to be two trim levels available in the Volkswagen Caddy MPV. The entry-level model comes as standard with air conditioning, electric windows, cruise control, a pair of cup holders in the centre console and a 6.5 inch screen digital infotainment system. There is also a new multi-function steering wheel and an electronic handbrake that has an auto hold function. This makes the vehicle very comfortable to drive and easy to use. The next step up in trim level is called Caddy Life and adds a leather steering wheel along with it still being multi-function, lumbar support for the front seats and a larger 8.5 inch screen for the digital infotainment system. There are also a few extra features that are for convenience including a removable waste bin and storage drawers under the front seats. You can also get a long wheelbase version that can give you extra space in the rear, an extra row of seating and also will give you a 10 inch screen for the infotainment system.

What can we expect from the engines?

From the launch, UK buyers get the opportunity to choose from two diesel engines and one petrol engine. The diself options are both based on the same tubo-charged 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine which will come with two powertrains of either 101bhp or 120 bhp. The least powerful option has a six speed gearbox as standard while the more powerful alternative uses a seven speed automatic gearbox.Both diesel options come with the new “double dosing” Adblue system. This helps to reduce emissions. The petrol engine features a detuned version of the Volkswagen Tubo-charged 1.5 litre four-cylinder engine. It has a powertrain of 112bhp and has a six speed manual gearbox as standard. There are currently no plans to offer an all-electric version of the Volkswagen Caddy MPV just yet, but that may change in the future as there has beena previous version of a generation Caddy in Europe that was electric.

caddy interior

What can we expect from the interior?

The new Caddy is safer than before and it features 19 different driver assistance systems including things such as travel assist and trailer assist. Other new features include electric closing aids for the tailgate and sliding doors, and a large panoramic sunroof above the first and second row of seats. Making it a pleasurable interior and comfortable environment. You can also expect keyless entry and 18” alloy wheels on the Caddy Life version.

This MPV will really suit people who have an active outdoor lifestyle and will certainly make traveling comfortable for families and groups of adults alike.

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