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Posted:06 August 2020 | Category:

Why the Volkswagen California is the Perfect Staycation Campervan

caddy ocean and caddy coast parked by water

The UK is spoilt with scenic beaches, such as Lands End in Cornwall and bustling cities with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, such as London. Making the UK the perfect place to explore this summer. 

While choosing where to visit in Britain, the subject of accommodation, of course, arises. With a plethora of choice, from cottages to hotels, caravans to campervans, it can be challenging to decipher what living space shall provide the best holiday experience. 

An increasingly popular option for British holidaymakers is vehicles which can convert into living accommodation - the campervan. It gives couples, families, groups of friends, and their pet dogs if they wish, the freedom to travel around, without being anchored to a particular location. 

Once a campervan is purchased, it's a means to travel for life. Moreover, with lockdown restrictions gradually lifting, holidaymakers shall have the opportunity to take their vehicles abroad.

When people think of the perfect campervan to use on their travels, Volkswagen most often comes to mind because they are reliable and functional.

However, let's get specific about which campervan in particular we mean - the Volkswagen California. Moreover, what's significantly attractive about this option.

Space and Numerous Built-in Facilities

The VW California, produced in house by the manufacturer, has enough room to accommodate four people. Extra sleeping space is quickly accrued when the roof compartment is popped up. The pop-up living space provides ample sleeping room equipped with a double bed.

Additionally, the front of the pop-up space can be unzipped during the day, making it an ideal spot to observe the views while stationary.

The California also has an array of generous kitchen and dining facilities. Such as a fridge, double gas hobs, a sink, cabinet space and a table. Meaning families can make hot meals and snacks on the go.

Plus, as standard with all VW California Camper vans, it's also equipped with an extendable awning. Meaning holidaymakers can make use of additional outdoor living space during their vacation to relax, sunbathe and read.

VW California Designs - Coast and Ocean

The VW California is available to purchase in two different designs; these are the Coast and Ocean. 

The Coast costs a cool £55,339, while the Ocean waves in at £63,817. Last year, the VW campervan benefited from a few upgrades meaning its newer versions are available to purchase with some extra equipment and functions.

Upgrades include a dashboard with an integrated infotainment system to keep passengers entertained on the way. Furthermore, the door handles and hinges for the VW's foldable equipment have also been enhanced with robust materials.

The storage of the camper has been modified over recent years too, to maximise the campers space. For instance, you can find a secret storage space inside the vehicle's boot door, which accommodates two chairs and a small table.

In summary, the VW California can offer families and groups an enhanced holiday experience with generous living and storage space, coupled with additional holiday essentials like the extendable awning.

The Ocean design, in particular, also includes a built-in sat-nav, a powered pop-up roof, and double glazed windows for better insulation and soundproofing.

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