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Posted:13 January 2021 | Category: General,New Model

Volkswagen Crafter Delivery Van Launched

silver crafter van

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched a new delivery van conversion for the Volkswagen Crafter. To meet the growing demand for home deliveries, this conversion will be launched in partnership with Bri-Stor systems.

The courier and delivery market is expected to grow by 23 per cent year-on-year in 2020. Companies are recruiting many new drivers and are investing in larger fleets in order to fulfil the rising number of orders being placed for online shopping. This growing demand for online shopping has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The delivery van conversion will make the Volkswagen Crafter van much more versatile and will offer a solution to help delivery drivers to maximise the load area.

The Crafter parcel delivery van features racking on both sides of the interior, along with foldaway shelves. This will the driver much more flexibility on a day-to-day basis, allowing them to adapt the storage space for whatever they are delivering that day. With six telescopic load poles, both smaller and larger packages and parcels can be safely secured in place and well protected as needed, wherever they are stored in the cargo area of the van’s interior.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Bri-Stor Systems conversion will also feature a walk-through bulkhead, with a roller shutter door. This means that drivers will not need to stand with the van’s side or rear door left open while they look for a parcel. This will protect parcels from damage during deliveries in poor weather. As an added benefit, this will also improve security during deliveries, as load doors will not need to be left open for as long. This reduces the opportunity for parcels to be stolen from the van.

Security is also improved with the option of auto-locking technology. This technology will automatically lock all the van’s doors after a set period of time. This can give the delivery drivers some peace of mind when they have to complete deliveries away from their van. If the driver has to move away with a large parcel which prevents them being able to lock the van, the van will lock itself automatically, keeping both it and the parcel inside safer from theft.

Home delivery is a critical service to many people and many professional industries. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles know important delivery is, and they also know that a standard panel van isn’t always the right vehicle for the job. Alongside their recognised partner Bri-Stor Systems, Volkswagen aims to develop a vehicle that is versatile and adaptable. Their aim is also to maximise the load bay for delivery drivers.

The Volkswagen Crafter delivery conversion is now available to order from Sinclair Vans, with a price of £5,600. We have VW van centres in both Cardiff and Swansea, ensuring that you will never be very far away from any assistance that you might need with your Volkswagen van in South Wales. Call our Cardiff brand on 02921 150094, or our Swansea branch on 01792 448118 to speak to our Volkswagen experts.