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Posted:16 March 2020 | Category: General,New Model

Volkswagen eCrafter Panel Van Review

Volkswagen eCrafter Panel Van at Sinclair Volkswagen Vans

The future of vehicles is electric, so it's worth learning more about them and why they’re in demand. 

It’s especially useful if you need a large vehicle for transporting items for work or extra space for your family. It’s a roomy, stylish, and efficient way to get around and offers many benefits. They’re a feasible option due to their compact batteries and greater range and shorter charge times. Take some time to educate yourself further so you understand the ins and outs and features and can determine if it’s the right purchase for you.

Features & Highlights

Hybrid vans are yet another way car manufacturers are helping to improve the environment and your driving experience. The Volkswagen eCrafter Panel Van, in particular, is a zero-emission electric vehicle that’s known to be comfortable to drive. You should also note that it’s the largest van that Volkswagen has to offer. If you’re a fleet manager, then this may spark your interest because of the increase in diesel bans and low emissions zones in urban environments across the globe.

The Details

If you’re familiar with the VW e-Golf, you should know that the eCrafter van uses the same 35.8kWh battery. It drives with a 134bhp electric motor that also has 290Nm of instant torque. The size is large, and it can carry up to four Euro pallets. It’ll be put on the market with the standard body length and a high roof. Electric vehicles or electric vans such as this one can pull away, making almost no noise at all.

It’s best to drive in urban areas because while the eCrafter accelerates briskly, it’s also limited to 90kmh (56mph). There is no battery-preserving Eco mode on this plug-in hybrid, so it’s up to each driver and their driving style to help save energy. Expect to be able to use the van to get around in a range of 60 miles in everyday use. You should also set aside about 45 minutes to charge the eCrafter fully.

Benefits of an Electric Van

There are many benefits you should know about when considering buying a PHEV. First, hybrid vehicles are environmentally friendly because they don’t spit out harmful emissions such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx). They’re endorsed and supported by the government and are exempt from London’s congestion charge. You should also know that there’s a plug-in van grant you can take advantage of in the UK. You’ll receive a discount on the cost of our new electric van, and there’s no road tax for electric vehicles.

Furthermore, they’re cheap to run and maintain so you can save some of your money. You may even find some charging stations around town to be free. There’s less likely to be any wear and tear over the years on electric engines. Finally, as noted above, hybrid vans are quiet to drive compared to a standard diesel van.

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