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Posted:28 January 2020 | Category: General

Do Volkswagen Make Electric Vans?

VW Vans

Volkswagen has long been an innovator in the motor vehicle market. And with the collapse in the price of battery packs, the automaker can see that the writing is on the wall for electric vehicles: they’re going to happen!

Volkswagen, however, isn’t limiting its electrification ambitions to regular private cars: it wants a slice of the massive global van market too. 

Here at Sinclair Volkswagen Van Centre, based in Cardiff & Swansea, we’re excited about stocking a host of new Volkswagen electric vans, available for companies and tradespeople. These vans offer a host of benefits, including higher mileage, lower tax, better efficiency and lower maintenance costs. They’re a miracle of technology and an example of the power of innovation to change lives. 

Volkswagen E-Vans

Volkswagen E-Vans are among the most exciting in the entire industry. The company has put considerable effort into making its electric vans more practical and reliable than its regular ICE counterparts. 

For instance, Volkswagen has invested considerably in the design of its vehicles. The battery sits along the floor across the entire base, meaning that it doesn’t take up any volume in the load space, providing tradespeople with the capacity they need to accommodate their tools and materials. The new Volkswagen e-Transporter van can also charge from 0 to 80 per cent in just 45 minutes - fast enough to allow it to compete with regular gasoline fill-ups. You just plug the van in, go for a quick coffee, and then when you come back, it’s nearly fully charged. 

Volkswagen e-Caddy Van

The Volkswagen e-Caddy van is one of the most exciting products from the German automaker to hit the market in recent years. The van has an entirely electric drivetrain and is perfect for people who need to make multiple short, city-based drop-offs and deliveries. This vehicle, therefore, is ideal for anyone in the delivery industry. It is also great for those who do multiple customer visits throughout the day. Released in 2019, expect to see service engineers, plumbers and delivery operatives making more use of this van in the future. 

Volkswagen e-Crafter Van

The Volkswagen e-Crafter van is an upcoming electric version of the company’s iconic Crafter, a large van with plenty of space for practically any tradesperson. 

VW hasn’t yet announced the date on which it will release the e-Crafter, but we expect that it is coming sooner than many people may think. The new van will have the same payload as the load space as the original diesel version, but will again specialise in multiple urban drop-offs. VW says that it will offer a 107-mile range, making it ideal for people who need something that they can use in the city. 

ABT e-Transporter

The ABT e-Transporter is an electric version of the company’s ever-popular Transporter and has a batter developed by ABT for more extended range, zero-emission journeys. 

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