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Posted:13 October 2020 | Category: General

How The Volkswagen Transporter Has Developed Over The Years

old Volkswagen Transporter image

Any van that has been in production for more than seventy years must have something pretty special about it. Of course, there’s been a lot of developments over that time. Yet what has remained is the commitment to producing a van that is ripe for adventure, highly functional, and stylish at the same time.

How could Volkswagen have known that the first prototype of the Transporter, which was produced in 1949, would be such a hit? The first incarnation of the Transporter, the T1, was available to purchase in 1950, and quickly developed a reputation as a solid, versatile van that did virtually everything that someone who wanted to hit the open road would want.

But perhaps the real push forward for the van, the event that made the van iconic, was the adoption of the van by those people involved in the counterculture movement of the 1960s. The T2 arrived in 1967, and suddenly, it wasn’t just one of a selection of vans on the market: it was the van. Even now, the T2 is revered by everyone with a sense of wanderlust in their hearts. It became much more than just a van: it was a cultural icon.

Of course, icons don’t just happen. A company could not manufacture a van that became a global phenomenon if they tried: it has to be organic. However, there are certain ingredients that pushed the Transporter in the right direction. For one, it had more or less everything that a person would want in a van. Second, it was ripe for customisation. If you look at images of the Woodstock Festival in the sixties, you’ll see a sea of Transporter vans that have been painted and adapted to reflect the mood of the era.

As we all know, the world moved on from the hippie heyday by the late seventies, and the Transporter moved along with it. When the T3 debuted in 1979, it looked a lot different from the previous incarnations, though, of course, there were common threads that connected it to previous models. This one was larger, had more space for cargo, and became slightly more family-friendly.

The T4 arrived in 1990 and lasted until 2003. By this time, most of the stylistic connections to the iconic T2 had been erased, which helped to make the van more accessible. The T5 went into production in 2003 and lasted until 2015. This model was notable for its variety; there were over one hundred different variants available.

And so where are we now? With the Volkswagen Transporter T6. Today you’ll be able to buy a Volkswagen Transporter van that’s flush with enviable features, including tech and connectivity, efficient fuel usage, and a modern dashboard design. The popularity showed that there’s still a lot of life in this classic van that has been around for seventy years; will it be here for seventy more? You wouldn’t bet against it.

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