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Posted:11 November 2020 | Category: General,New Model,Road Safety

Volkswagen Transporter: New Transporter to get increased safety technology

Volkswagen Transporter parked in dimly lit room with headlights on

Volkswagen has a new version of its iconic Transporter called the T6.1, which builds on the original T6 platform. The updated model features style upgrades plus a host of impressive safety features, designed to keep you safe.

Drivers, for instance, will now get the company’s Crosswind Assist as standard. When the T6.1 goes above 50 mph, the vehicle's onboard computer starts making slight adjustments to the steering and braking on drivers’ behalf, helping them to stay in lane.

VW also includes Driver Steering Recommendation on the latest iteration of the Transporter - a technology it hopes will reduce the chance that drivers will lose control in slippery conditions. The van’s onboard computer continually monitors feedback from the wheels using skid-detection sensors. If it detects lost grip, it will prompt the driver by sending a signal to the steering wheel that causes it to move slightly. It’s a kind of robotic nudge that encourages the driver to take immediate corrective action.

Front Assist will also be a feature on the new Transporter - something that VW already includes as standard across much of the rest of its range. This technology continually monitors the road ahead of the vehicle and then sends warnings to drivers if it detects a hazard, encouraging them to take action. So, for instance, if the computer believes that the driver is going to crash into an oncoming vehicle, it’ll send a signal to the dashboard, warning of the impending danger.

VW cleverly combines this feature with City Emergency Braking - a technology that will automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t heed dashboard warnings. The system is extremely advanced and helps to protect against momentary lapses in concentration. If the computer thinks that a collision is inevitable, it will slam on the brakes, protecting the driver and the occupants of the other vehicle.

The T6.1 also comes with a host of quality-of-life features to help those who rely on their vans for their living. UK models come with the option of Park Assist, where computers guide you into parallel parking bays. And you get Adaptive Cruise Control, meaning that you don’t have to fiddle around with your cruising speed on the motorway. You simply tell the Transporter how fast you’d like to go, and it will then adjust your speed according to that of the vehicle in front.

The T6.1 also offers Side Protection which is both a safety and quality-of-life feature. VW places several ultrasonic monitors behind the side panels of the vehicle, telling you if you’re getting too close to cars on your left and right, or street furniture, such as lampposts.

VW offers the vehicle in both a five and six-speed manual gearbox. There’s also a seven-speed DSG available for those who need extra gearing. And you get a range of engine options.

Gross weight for the vehicle ranges between 2.6 and 3.2 tonnes depending on the model you buy. Plus, there’s a selection of wheelbase lengths as an added option.

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