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Posted:17 January 2020 | Category: General

What Volkswagen Van Conversions are Available

If your business has very specific needs from its vans, you may find that the standard models available just don’t do what you need them to do. To get the job done right, you’ll need a more flexible solution. 

Volkswagen’s vehicle conversions provide businesses with specific transportation needs the versatile options that they require. With flexibility and a range of bespoke designs, getting the right van conversion for your business needs could not be easier. 

Volkswagen Crafter Conversions

Volkswagen Crafter Conversions are a range of standard vans that are converted and ready to go. With a number of different options, you may find the solution to your business’s specific needs off-the-peg. 

All of these conversions are based around the Crafter chassis. With a long-standing reputation of being hard-wearing, resilient, and reliable, your Crafter Conversion will be able to withstand anything you throw at it. 

Volkswagen Crafter Dropside

With the flexibility that you need to complete any job, the Volkswagen Crafter Dropside allows you to select from two different wheelbases, three different lengths of load bed, and two different cab sizes. This will mean that you get the right-sized vehicle for carrying out the valuable work of your specific business. 

The Volkswagen Crafter Dropside is designed to handle a substantial payload and provide you with the power and resilience you need from your vehicle in order to get the job done well.

Volkswagen Crafter Tipper

The Volkswagen Crafter Tipper is versatile, strong, and above all else, safe. This hard-working machine is available with both a single and double cab option and you can select front or rear-wheel drive as best suits the needs of your vehicle. 

The strong steel platform will help make moving even the heaviest of loads feel like a breeze. 

Volkswagen Crafter Luton 

If you are looking for a big strong mover, then a Volkswagen Crafter Luton might well be the van for you. With a long wheelbase chassis, your Luton van will be able to move a lot of stock or even the entire contents of a house. Add an electronic tail-lift and you will have a convenient way of bringing heavier items on and off the back of the van. 

Your Volkswagen Crafter Luton is sturdy by design. With a very decent payload, there is not much you’ll not be able to carry in the back. 

Building the Perfect Van Conversion 

The perfect van conversion for your business needs starts with the right chassis. With a number of different options available, you can select the wheelbase that offers you the greatest stability in your line of work. Once you have decided on your wheelbase, think about what you need from your cab. If you have a larger team, you may want to think about a double cab for transporting up to seven people. This option will allow for that additional handy storage.

To learn more about how Volkswagen Van Conversions can meet the needs of your business, get in touch with Sinclair Volkswagen Van Centre in Cardiff or Swansea.