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Posted:06 September 2019 | Category: General

Volkswagen Used Van Scheme Das Welt Auto Wins Business Vans Award 2019

Winner Best Used Van Programme

Business Vans is a vans website that reviews vans and provides people with information about products on the market. Every year it awards a company with its coveted Best Used Van Programme award, and this year, it's gone to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen's used van programme is called Das Welt Auto, a scheme which aims to give buyers the same peace of mind as if they were buying new. Buyers can get second-hand vehicles with many of the same assurances as if they bought new, including warranty and full roadside assistance.

What Are the Benefits of Das Welt Auto Used Vans?

Vehicles bought through the Das Welt Auto scheme have to satisfy several tests and conditions before they can be sold. First, all vans on the programme have to go through a full mechanical and electrical inspection. Every part must be checked to ensure that it is in good working order.

Second, each van has to have all of its paperwork checked. Sellers on the Das Welt Auto used car scheme must verify things like mileage, service history, registration and VIN. The idea is to ensure that there are no hidden surprises after the driver takes the vehicle off the forecourt.

Third, many dealerships allow you to test drive second-hand vans before you purchase, letting you try them out, just as you would a new car.

The Das Welt Auto programme wants to be able to connect buyers from all over the country to the perfect car. It, therefore, offers an online reservation system which lets buyers reserve the vehicles that they want online using a deposit. The vehicle will then be held in stock until they make a purchase.

Volkswagen Panel Van Model Options                                                                                                                          

When it comes to vans on the Das Welt Auto scheme, you're spoiled for choice. For people who need a small van for the city, the Caddy is an excellent option. The Caddy comes in two engine types, a 1.0 TSI 3-cylinder and a 2.0F 4-cylinder diesel. Surprisingly for a van, it'll seat between five and seven people, and provides a functional, versatile space for all manner of small businesses and tradespeople.

The VW Transporter is the company's trademark van, used for everything from transporting decorating supplies to mountain bikes. VW markets the Transporter as the van of choice for the toughest jobs. Designed for use daily, this vehicle is engineered to last.

Second-hand VW Transporters available through Das Welt Auto come in two wheelbase options and two roof sizes, giving you opportunities to increase the area for storing your stuff. There's also a practical load compartment at the side of the vehicle with plenty of protective trim.

If you need a sizeable second-hand van from VW, then the VW Crafter is the best choice. VW has invested significantly in making the Crafter more friendly to drive in the city. The large size of the vehicle can make it cumbersome in some situations. But some recent models are now infused with VWs park assist technology, making it easy to manoeuvre.

If you want to find out more about VW's Das Welt Auto programme, then get in touch with us today here at Sinclair Volkswagen Vans to find out more.