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Posted:18 June 2018 | Category: Road Safety

What Makes Volkswagen Vans so Safe?

Volkswagen’s award winning van safety is a result of their innovative technology which they have worked hard towards engineering over the past few decades. Not only do they build their vans with the intention of offering maximum protection in the unwanted event of an accident, but they also use safety systems which minimise the likelihood of an accident occurring in the first place.

Before launching them on to the market, Volkswagen put their vans through a vigorous crash test routine which tests them in every possible accident situation. Once they pass each van through the programme, Volkswagen and their customers can then have the assurance they need in a modern-day van.

A lot of people might not be aware that Volkswagen vans come with so much safety technology so we thought we’d take you through some of the driver assistance and safety features you can get on a Volkswagen van.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

This technology works to keep you at a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you meaning you can cruise comfortably on long distance journeys. It works by via a radar at the front of the of car which detects any traffic ahead of you and then in turn adapts the speed of your van in order to sustain the gap between your van and the traffic in front. If a circumstance comes where you get too close, the emergency braking will kick in and your van will be slowed down.

City Emergency Braking

City Emergency Braking

City Emergency Braking heightens the safety and peace of mind for drivers, especially those located in urban environments like delivery drivers. This system uses sensors to identify a potential collision and is activated at speeds of 18mph or under. If a vehicle begins to get close to your van the system will prime the brakes so they can be used instantly if needed. If a vehicles gets too close the system will then hit the brakes automatically bringing your van to a complete stop.

Park Assist

Park Assist

With the majority of bumps and scrapes taking place when we are parking, Volkswagen’s Active Park Assist works towards eradicating this hazard by automatically parking the van for you. In order to apply the system, you press a button in the vans controls which will then get multiple sensors to steer itself into your desired parking spot. The only thing you have to control is the pedals whilst the technology does the rest of the work.

Lane Change Assist – Side Scan

Lane Change Assist

Volkswagen’s Side Scan safety technology works to detect vehicles in your blind spots when you are changing lanes. The system will bring up a warning signal on your exterior mirror if it senses a vehicle to prevent you from pulling out in to it. This doesn’t come as standard on all vans however it’s certainly an option well worth considering to optimise your safety.

Rear-view Camera

Rear-view camera

Rather unsurprisingly the rear-view camera is exactly what its name suggests. Available as an option, the rear-view camera brings up the view of the area behind your van on a screen integrated in to the infotainment system within the centre console. The system has been designed mainly to assist you in navigating a safe route when you are in reverse.

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