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Posted:08 February 2019 | Category: General

Volkswagen Vans for Sale - Why Buy from Sinclair Volkswagen in South Wales

sinclair cardiff van centre volkswagen

Volkswagen vans are extremely reliable and have been a popular choice for many years. If you’re looking for a new or used Volkswagen van in South Wales, then you may find multiple dealers all offering them for sale. However, we firmly believe that Sinclair Volkswagen is the only place for you to shop.

Why buy from us? Well, take a look at what we can offer:

Used & New Vans all in One Place

Here at Sinclair Volkswagen, we sell both new and used vans for all our customers. This means we have the most updated Volkswagen vans on the market, meaning you can choose one with the best specs and most modern technology available.

But, if you prefer to save money and opt for a used model, then we proudly boast a roster of over 100 approved used Volkswagen vans. The fact they’re approved lets you know you’re buying a vehicle you can trust. They’ve all been thoroughly checked, and you get the full-service history with it as well.

A Range of Excellent Offers

We regularly have some excellent offers for all of our Volkswagen van ranges. Regardless of if you’re after new or used, we’ll be able to provide a brilliant deal that saves you a lot of money. Just head to the offers section of our site to see what we’ve currently got going on!

Financing Deals

Furthermore, we make the cost of purchasing your van so much more bearable. If you have the cash and want to pay right there and then, then you can. Alternatively, there are some financing options that spread the costs over a few months. This means you can be the proud owner of a shiny new Volkswagen van, but without depleting your bank balance all in one go. We also offer financing deals for our used vans too.

We Have Company Van & Fleet Offers

If you’re looking to purchase a fleet of vehicles for commercial use, then we’re the only place to go. Visit Sinclair Volkswagen in South Wales, and you can pick your fleet by choosing the vans that suit your business requirements. We have a specialist fleet team who will talk you through the entire process and provide advice on fleet ownership. Regardless of if you’re after one company van or a fleet of ten vehicles, they’ll guide you to the right decision.

Book Servicing Through Us

Finally, we even let you book servicing & repairs through us as well. So, when you have your van, we help you take good care of it. Also, we provide you with a completely free 29-point visual check to give a detailed report on how your van is performing.

To put it simply, we offer an incredible range of services that make us the number one choice for anyone looking to buy Volkswagen vans in South Wales. With our deals and financing options, we help you find the perfect van for an affordable price. Not only that, with our after-sales services, we ensure your van stays in excellent condition for as long as possible. Contact us today if you’re interested in what we have to offer!