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Posted:06 October 2017 | Category: General

The Different VW Van options

Volkswagen have a wide variety of vans for all needs, whether it’s a people carrier or a pick up that you require. Here’s a breakdown of the vans available at Sinclair, to make it easier to pick the best van for you.

People Friendly Vans.

Caddy – Life

The Caddy Life is the perfect multi-purpose van! The van is adaptable to whatever your needs are, seating 5 to 7 people and can alternatively carry heavy and bulky items. You can go from a portable storage carrier by day to a family-friendly vehicle by night with the Caddy Life. On top of this, the Life ensures passenger comfort with interior entertainment whilst maintaining a Euro 6 emissions standard!

Caddy – Maxi Life

Similar to the Caddy Life, the Maxi Life is a longer version of the van, allowing more space for all your needs – in fact 470mm longer than the Caddy Life. So not only does the Maxi Life adapt with the amount of passengers you have, but passengers will be free to spread out and relax as the 16” Fortaleza alloy wheels whisk you away.

VW Caddy Life

Transporter – Shuttle

The Transporter Shuttle is the ideal van for people carrying, designed specifically to accommodate a van full of passengers – and not cargo! The spacious seating allows you to change the layout of the cabin, with multiple combinations that still gives you plenty of space in the rear for luggage as a vehicle that’s best suited for airline and taxi businesses.


The Carvelle is a similar vehicle to the Transporter Shuttle, however is much more versatile for family use! The van holds up to 7 seats comfortably and has a floor-mounted rail system which means you can simply change the seating layout into dozens of different combinations. This amazingly helpful feature means the 3 seated bench at the rear of the van has a 360 degree swivel ability, so you can safely transport your family and all your luggage!

VW Caravelle

Perfectly Powerful Commercial Vans


The all new Amarok is the perfect professionals van as it is 100% premium and 100% pick-up! The 8-speed automatic gearbox mean you can carry a heavy load with ease, in fact, it’s the best van for wider loads as the cargo box has a 2.52m2 load surface. As well as this, the Amarock has agile mobility both on- and off-road with its permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive system!

VW Amarok

Transporter – Panel

The panel Transporter model is an ideal vehicle for all jobs, big and small. This van is lightweight and provides a comfortable ride for both drivers and passengers, with plenty of space left over. The Transporter Panel van is practical, luxurious and powerful, fitted with chrome strips on the radiator grille for an extra sleek style.

Caddy – Panel

The Caddy Panel van is built similarly to the Caddy Life models but made for efficient commercial use with a dual-clutch direct shift gearbox and fitted with clever loading space solutions to ensure all jobs are made easier. Even better with the Caddy Panel is the Blue Motion control which means the care releases only 64.2mpg CO2 emissions of 116g/km, making it a green van!


The new VW Crafter is the largest member of the VW commercial vehicle clan and comes in a choice of chassis cabin, minibus shell, or a panel van, with four 2.0 litre common-rail diesel engine choices. This van will quickly become your favourite due to its features which ensure drivers are comfortable, like its heated seats. Your life is made easier in the Crafter as its multifunction steering wheel and cruise control means you can sit back and relax!

VW Crafters

If you like what you see, there is lots more information on the Sinclair Volkswagen Van website. Find out about all our latest Volkswagen van offers online today!